Liver Detox for Health

A liver detox is one of the most purifying cleanses you can do for your body because the liver is one of the most important organs in your body. You need to keep your liver healthy in order to achieve and maintain a healthy physical, mental, and emotional state. If your liver is not healthy and functioning well, it will not efficiently do one of its most important functions - detoxing and cleansing.

This powerful little organ, the liver, only weighs about 3 pounds and is dark reddish-brown. It is located in the upper right quadrant of your abdomen. It’s just beneath your diaphragm and lies on top of a small section of the stomach and intestines, and in front of your right kidney.

Your liver stores your blood and holds about 13 % of your body's blood supply at any given moment. There are two sources of blood that supply the liver:

  • The hepatic artery - Oxygenated blood flows into the liver.
  • The hepatic portal vein - Nutrient-rich blood flows into liver.

These two sources of blood flowing into your liver for normal body function also bring nutrients and drugs that must be broken down and used by your body. Since the volume of blood flowing through and stored in your liver daily, it’s necessary to detox the liver.

A natural diet that will detox the liver is a healthy way to improve liver function, help cleanse your liver and enhance your overall body function. The liver has the ability to cleanse naturally, but if it is over-exposed to toxins, your liver is going to need some help with its cleaning.

A liver cleanse is an important way to improve and / or maintain healthy liver function. A liver cleanse is a great way to reduce your likelihood of getting liver disease and if you complete a liver detox diet with every season (approximately 4 times per year) you can boost liver function considerably.

The liver detox diet provided on this website is designed to for efficient liver cleansing. The basic things you need to do to detox the liver is to avoid specific foods, such as sugar, and excessive amounts of protein. Liver Cleansing also requires eating foods such as cruciferous vegetables that strengthen liver function. Several herbs and nutrients are also beneficial in cleansing the liver.

You should eat small amounts of food and meal your meal frequency should be maintained at 3 meals per day without snacks. Large amounts of vegetable, especially raw beets and artichokes should be consumed weekly

Limit substances that especially burden your liver such as alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, preservatives, and dyes. Also take into account environmental toxins such as car exhaust, chemical fumes, and work-related toxic substances.

For more information related to specific organ detox programs or detox diets.

done daily to increase fat-burning hormones and increase your metabolism. For a more specific detailed information on the liver detox diet click here.

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