How To Detox Your Body

How to Detox Your Body

If you have landed here on this site, you are probably considering a detox and are looking for information on how to detox your body. Well, there are a number of ways you can give your body a good internal cleanse through a detox. Detoxes fall into two categories, a general detox and a targeted detox.

General Detox – Getting Squeaky Clean Inside and Out

The real key to an effective detox is to do activities that are going to rest, cleanse and rejuvenate an organ or channel that is eliminating waste from your body. It is very important to keep all channels of elimination as open as possible and a detox can help do that. One of the best ways to naturally detox and cleanse the body is with a detox diet. Most detox diets are general detoxes because they are designed to benefit your whole body. The basis of a detox diet is good clean wholesome food that is loaded with lots of nutrient, antioxidants and fiber. Food can have powerful effects, both negative and positive, on your total body and overall health. A natural detox with a detox diet can have overall cleansing effect on all of your major organs helping them to improve how the function.

Targeting Internal Organs for a Detox

Your internal organs are cleaning machines. A key to understanding how to detox is to begin to know how to cleanse specific organs of your body. Yes, you can actually create a detox that will cleanse a specific organ of your body. Elimination is the normal process your body undergoes to remove the toxins your body produces or encounters in the evironment. You eliminate these toxins through the five major channels (systems) of elimination in your body—the skin, lungs, liver, bowel/colon, and kidneys. You can detox each of these channels of elimination. If you help even one organ of elimination, it reduces the toxic load on your body, therefore putting less stress on the organs. In other words, detoxing any organ reduces the burden and how hard another organ has to work. Below are the organs or channels of elimination that can be detoxed.

  • A skin detox can be done to support your skin. The skin is the largest organ in your body and is used as a backup system to the others. Water, fat soluble wastes, and gases are released through the pores in your skin.
  • A lung detox can cleanse your lungs. The lungs primarily release carbon dioxide/waste gases from your blood stream.
  • A liver detox can improve the performance of the liver. The helps digest carbohydrates, protein and fat. It filters toxins and transforms them into less harmful compounds.
  • A colon detox is a great detoxifier for the bowels. The bowels primarily remove large waste from the digestive and lymphatic systems. Bowels also reabsorb water back into your body tissues.Colonics can aid in supporting a colon detox.
  • A kidney detox works on the kidneys. The kidneys remove waste that dissolve in water and reabsorb important nutrients.

All these organ systems work together to keep your body healthy and detoxing these organs enhances health.

Should I do a general detox or a targeted detox?

It is best to start with a general detox – with something like a detox diet, like the 3 day detox if:

  • This is your first detox
  • It has been awhile since you have detoxed
  • Try a more targeted detox if:
  • You feel the need to improve the health of a specific organ
  • You want a deeper detox

Create your own Detox

After taking a look at how to detox each organ, you can create and customize your own detox. Mix and match to create a detox that is exactly what you need. Starting with a detox diet and adding one or two detoxes to target specific organs of the body.

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