Detox Diets

One the most important parts of an internal cleanse is the detox diet. Detox diets require you to change the way you eat. During the diet you will load your body with detox foods that are cleansing and rich in nutrients. Good, wholesome food is one of the primary ingredients of a natural detox which helps to clean our organs. Healthy, clean organic food is nourishing and healing for your body. In addition to eating cleansing foods, you should drink plenty of fluids such as detox diet drinks, smoothies and detox herbal teas throughout your detox. Also a detox diet should be enhanced with detox dietary supplements.

A detox diet can span any time frame. You should pick a time that works best for you. It is important that you set yourself up for success with your detox, so think about what you would like to accomplish and how much time you have available to do the detox. The 3 day detox diet is an ideal time frame for a weekend detox and therefore is a great one for busy people. For many people one week or a 7 day detox is a reasonable amount of time they can commit to a detox. On the other end of the spectrum, the 21 detox is the longest of the diets below. The longer diets are more cleansing but they do take a greater amount of time and commitment.

Take a look at these more popular detox diets and figure out which one works for you.

Detox Diets

Below are tips to think about when selecting which of these detox diets will work best for you.

  • Think about the time period that you have available to do the detox.
  • Plan a specific day to start.
  • Avoid holidays, special events (i.e. your birthday), or extended travel.
  • Select a time frame where you will have the opportunity to eat most meals at home.
  • Know that you can repeat a shorter detox to have benefits over time.

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