Fiber and Your Detox

Eating foods and taking dietary supplements containing generous amounts of fiber are important keys to a healthy diet and way of life. But it is especially important to do this during a detox.

But what’s fiber…really? And how does it help? Here's how.

To start with, there are types - soluble and insoluble. We need both of them. Increasing them during a detox is especially important when doing a bowel or colon detox.

Soluble Fiber will Moves You!

Soluble fiber is primarily found in psyllium, slippery elm bark, oats, legumes (i.e. green beans, peanuts, etc.) and some fruits like apples, pears, and prunes. It attracts water into your bowel, helping to moisten and soften your stool. Soluble fiber dissolves in water, helps trap toxins, especially cholesterol, and prevents them from entering your bloodstream. This lowers your blood cholesterol, reducing your risk for heart disease and stroke, and removes toxins in general from your body. It also helps good bacteria (probiotics) grow in your colon.

And here is a tip beyond your detox– if you have constipation, set a goal of adding two servings of soluble fiber per day – such as a serving of oatmeal and an apple – and see if that doesn't get things moving!

A Gentle Scrub with Insoluble Fiber

Think of insoluble fiber as tiny little tooth brushes that gently scrub your colon clean. Insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in water, but rather it soaks water up like a sponge as it passes through the intestines, helping to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. It will provide bulk to your stool. Insoluble fiber also binds to estrogen and toxins to help release them from your body. Neither soluble nor insoluble is absorbed by the intestinal cells, which is precisely why they help pull toxins out of your body.

Some people find that when they increase the amount of fiber in their diet, the body needs a period of time to adjust to it. During this time you may experience more gas and maybe some bloating as the body gets adjusted to a more alkaline diet. This is just your body getting used to the fiber. Remember to drink plenty of water and know that shortly your body will adjust to the increase.

The above reasons are why fiber is necessary for good bowel health, bowel detox, and your everyday diet. Always try to choose a supplement that offers both soluble and insoluble fiber in its formula for balanced health benefits.

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