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Are the days in spring flying by and you find yourself feeling anxious about putting on your summer wardrobe, going to the beach, or having the energy for all your summer activities?

Do you keep telling yourself that you need to start a program to get in shape, lose weight and tighten up before the summer, but you lack the motivation, guidance and support to do it by yourself? 

The winter is finally over, and there’s no more hiding under the many layers of clothes. Besides the winter may have you feeling:

  • Bloated
  • Sluggishness
  • Fatigued
  • Increased Aches and Pains

And all these things can be holding you back from taking action.

If the above describes you, you’re not alone. Many people are suffering from overwhelm that makes the mere thought of starting a new diet or exercise program just too hard. 

YES, it’s hard for almost everyone! 

It was difficult to stay balanced during the holidays and winter months, which for many of you, are the most stressful times of the year. And as for food choices, it’s not only the most indulgent time of the year, but large varieties of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are limited. 

But have no fear...Spring is here and it’s an ideal time to detox, cleanse and revitalize. 

More variety of fresh foods are available, the weather is more conducive to movement and exercise, and you're coming out of that winter shell. Giving your body a spring cleaning is important after the excesses of the winter season and it has many health benefits.

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, are you ready?

Well, that’s why we’re offering the NatureDrs Detox Challenge. A well-balanced detox program will help support your natural processes of eliminating toxins, rebalancing your body systems and promoting renewed vitality.

  • This program will help you revitalize and get ready for the summer.
  • This program will help you start taking the right steps toward revitalizing, rebalancing, and getting the summer body you see in your mind.
  • And maybe, you’ll be able to stay healthy, balanced, and keep your summer body all year long.

Wouldn’t that be great?


Submit your name and email address below to join the NatureDrs Detox Challenge.

Take the NatureDrs Detox Challenge
The Challenge Begins on May 15th, 2013

Submit your name and email address below to gain access to the Detox Challenge.

So, how do you get revitalized and beach ready? The key is understanding:

  • how your body works to maintain vitality
  • how to do an effective, simple detox program that will give your body a break, a vacation, so that it doesn’t have to work so HARD
  • that doing it alone doesn’t work for most people

And what’s even better is that we wanted to make sure everyone who is interested in seeing results can participate. So, the entire 3 week challenge is FREE. All you have to so is sign up and be ready to begin on May 15th.

If you could discover the secrets to achieve a healthier weight, reduce your aches and pains, significantly increase your energy, feel sexier, and boost your confidence…so you can ultimately enjoy your summer…would you want to know how?

Jumpstart your health goals with the NatureDrs Detox Challenge and you will:

#5 – Have access to a Community of People to help you stay focused and provide support
#4 – Learn how to make detox and cleansing simple and fun 
#3 – Enter Contests to Win Weekly Prizes
#2 – Access Weekly Teleseminars that provide tons of information about health and healing first hand from naturopathic (holistic) doctors that they normally wouldn’t have access to
#1 – Get great results which are sustainable and can be repeated over and over again

We can’t wait to share this Free Detox Challenge with you and your friends!

Join Our Free Detox Challenge
on May 15th and 
Revitalize and Get Ready for Summer 

with the NatureDrs Detox Challenge
Submit your name and email address below to gain access to the Detox Challenge

Challenge Participation includes:

  • We’ll have weekly prizes and giveaways
  • Free 3 Days to Detox eBook
  • Daily emails, updates, and support
  • Access to the Facebook community as we all cleanse together
  • Weekly health related teleseminars and Q&A coaching calls

And so much more…

“We’ve helped 100’s of patients like you achieve a healthier weight and more by teaching simple solutions for better health…”

As top Naturopathic Doctors, Licensed Acupuncturist, Natural Medicine Expert and Media Representatives we are willing to share with you truth that we learned and practiced for over a decade. These simple solutions have also helped us maintain our own health over the years.

We are so grateful for the dramatic, consistent changes in our lives ever since we started practicing this amazing medicine in 2003. Next year we’re on track to help so many more people begin their health journey with the strategies we’re excited to share with you. 

We get to serve thousands more people by making this program available via webinar. We look forward to helping you change your life and hopefully inspire others to change their lives also. 

Once you register on this page, you’ll get instant access to this challenge and be ready to start with the first Teleseminar on May 15th.

We’ll see you on the Teleseminar!

To Your Health,

Drs. Lisa Lewis and Angela Diop

The NatureDrs