Colonics (Colon Hydrotherapy)

Colonics can be a helpful addition to a colon detox. Unlike the other organs of elimination, with the exception of the skin, your colon can be cleansed directly. Colonics or colon hydrotherapy uses water to gently cleanse the colon.

In the past, colonics have been called "high enemas." They are used to cleanse the body of toxins that build up in the colon. Colonics themselves are not a cure for any disease, but they can aid the body's natural ability to heal itself by temporarily removing the overload on the system caused by the toxins.

Opinions vary widely on how often you should have them done. If you have a chronic condition that stems from poor colon health, it is recommended that you have a series of four to six treatments, one week apart. Like many therapies, one treatment will bring some relief, but in order to have a lasting improvement generally more than one colonic is needed.

How can Colon Hydrotherapy Help Your Detox?
A colonic will accomplish three basic things, remove waste from the bowel, stimulate your bowel to contract (also known as peristalsis) and hydrate the colon.

Removing Waste - During the colonic, many harmful toxins are washed out of the large intestines. Removing these toxins can support the body's elimination process. At the same time, helpful bacteria, including Lactobacillus acidophilus, are also removed. It is important to replace the healthful bacteria to restore the natural, healthy balance of the intestinal flora. Therefore your supplementation during a detox should include probiotics like Lactobacillus acidophilus to return the good bacteria.

Hydration of the Bowel- One of the activities of the colon is to absorb water from the waste before you eliminate it. This keeps you from becoming dehydrated. A colon hydrotherapy gently flows warm water into the colon, which the colon can absorb.

Stimulation of the Bowel- Poor elimination of the bowel can be due to poor muscle tone in the colon. Besides helping to remove the toxins in the body, a series of colonics can help improve the tone of the muscles in the colon. Improving the tone helps you to be more effective in ridding your body of the waste.

The contraindications for colonic hydrotherapy are active ulcerative colitis, fecal impaction, pregnancy and bowel perforation. There are other contraindications to this therapy, some are absolute contraindications while others are relative (meaning for some, it may be alright). For this reason it is very important that you have an initial consultation with a doctor that is familiar with colon hydrotherapy before beginning treatment.

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