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Who is behind NatureDrs-Detox-Info? We are Drs. Angela Duncan Diop and Lisa Lewis, two Naturopathic doctors with over 20 years combined experience in the field of natural medicine. We are dedicated to sharing with the world what we know about natural health so that we can start to heal the planet. The body is an amazing organism. We have seen for ourselves the awesome healing power of nature and what happens when we remove barriers to healing and support the body during the process. We can all reach a state of vibrancy and health that we thought we had left behind in our younger years.

One of the goals of NatureDrs is to shout from the mountain tops the power of good food and healthy living. Since we don't have a mountain top handy we are shouting it from the next best thing the -- Internet.

Take a look around the site and learn how a detox can contribute to your health. Also stop by our Detox Benefits page and share your story about how a detox has benefited you. We would love to hear from you.

For questions about NatureDrs-Detox-Info use the contact form below.

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